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There are many types of documents that need to be translated before they can be used in official or personal transactions. And in today’s global marketplace, effective cross-cultural communication has never been more important. OfficialTranslate has a network of more than 6,000 professional translators to confidentially and accurately translate any document, including immigration records, bank statements and other financial documents. Our translators are experts in their respective field therefore your project will be handled by someone who is extremely familiar with your documents. At OfficialTranslate, we ensure that language barriers won’t hinder your ability to conduct your work or personal business.

With OfficialTranslate you also retain complete control of the process. Simply log into our secure, password-protected online portal for real-time updates on your translation project. Moreover, OfficialTranslate can certify and notarize the final product - our guarantee that your document will be acceptable for any business or official transactions.

Let OfficialTranslate help you communicate and grow beyond your borders!

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  • Immigration Document Translations
  • Legal Translations
  • Financial Document Translations
  • Medical and Healthcare Translations
  • Website Translations and Localizations
  • Book and Education Translations
  • Marketing and Advertising Translations
  • Diploma and Transcript Translations
  • Translations